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Introduction to welding

For rural homeowners, welding can be a very useful skill

Radio interview source: Dave Heidemann, welding trainer, Miller Electric


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Although there are many different types of welding processes, MIG welding tends to be the easiest to learn. You can either take a class at your local community college or check out books and DVD tutorials from your public library. Basically, MIG welding is a semi-automatic process gives you better control on thin metals, the same power source for solid and flux-colored wire, and deep penetration for welding thick sections. All you need to do is point the gun where you want to weld, pull the trigger, and move it along the joint in an even motion.

For additional information, we suggest visiting the following resources:

MIG Welding: Articles, projects, video tutorials, and general tips to build your MIG welding skills.

Understanding the Common Difficulties of Feeding in MIG Welding Aluminum: Troubleshooting tips for those who are new to welding aluminum.

Welding Safety: Articles and information for those interested in preventing accidents and injuries while welding.

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