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A Utah woman's passion for livestock and education is steering her goals
Photo courtesy of Alli Kelley

Alli Kelley has always wanted to live on a farm. When she left her suburban life for college, she wanted to learn everything she could about horses and livestock so she could own her own farm someday.

When she started working on her master’s degree in animal nutrition, Alli and her husband Andy bought a neglected five-acre farm near Logan, Utah. She immediately got some  animals, but found it was a bad decision and had to do some back-peddling.

"During my master’s degree I took some land management classes, and realized that I was doing nothing to help the land, I was actually making it worse," says Alli. "So, we sent our steer to the freezer, and I got rid of all the other animals so we could focus on revitalizing the pasture."

Alli is slowly adding animals again, as many species as she can.

In the meantime, her other passion is ag education. She says much of the rural land in Utah is divided up into small acreage parcels. People who are two-or-three generations removed from farming are living on them, but don’t know how to do it the right way. Alli has started sharing her expertise on her website.

"My goal with my website is to provide the information to these people who want to have animals, they want to have kind of like a hobby farm. They don’t want to make it their full time gig, but they want to live in the country and have animals, but they’re not sure where to get the information. You know, they don’t even know what’s a weed and what’s not a weed, not by any fault of their own, it’s just hard to find the information," says Alli. "I wouldn’t have known unless I’d taken these classes."

Alli says a goal down the road is to add a few paid courses that go more in-depth on these topics.

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