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Modern homesteading

This young couple decided to pursue time rather than money
Photo courtesy of Cody Wranglerstar

Cody Wranglerstar and his wife had successful corporate jobs and everything they wanted. Their friends thought they were living the dream. But the couple didn’t see much of each other and when their son was born, it put everything into perspective. They needed a change. And boy did they make a big one.

Cody says they left the rat race in the city and moved off-the-grid in the Pacific Northwest to begin homesteading.

"You know, in this life we kind of have two choices, either we’re going to choose to pursue money, or we’re going to go for time. Most people can’t have both. So, the thing I guess that we really enjoy is being able to be together all the time, we really enjoy one another as a family," says Cody. "We’re able to eat meals together and any given time I can go and talk to my wife or my son and we have time to do things together. And that has been the most wonderful thing."

The family has an orchard, nut trees, a garden and greenhouse, timber for construction and heating the house, and good water.

If you’re curious about how they manage modern homesteading, just look up Wranglerstar on You Tube. Cody documents their journey with how-to videos, with the goal of helping others learn hands-on skills.
"There’s a lot of videos about taking care of the things that we have and trying to get away from that idea when something breaks, we just throw it away and go buy another one at Walmart. Restoring your tools and repairing your tools and buying quality the first time so you don’t have to continue to buy over and over again," says Cody. "I think the biggest draw to what builds a loyal audience is just a story. It’s a story of a family that’s just like them. We don’t profess to be experts or to know everything, we’re just showing the journey. And when things don’t go right, we show that."

Cody says they have a solid following thanks to ax handles, composting, and hard work.

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