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Moore Farms

A Georgia couple is providing the East coast with fresh vegetables
Photo courtesy of Moore Farms

Moore Farms has been a locally-owned family farm in Manor, Georgia, since the 1940s. The original 30-acres of land grew tobacco and corn. Over time, the farm grew into several hundred acres of row crops and produce.

Tim and Barbara Moore took over the farm in 2006 and converted it completely over to produce.

Barbara says they’ve been blessed with good soil, but take great care to make sure it’s in top growing condition.

"We have a scout that comes and we do soil samples. Right now we’re doing them weekly, but in our off-season we just do them probably once every month," says Barbara. "But right now our scout takes soil samples weekly and we add whatever is needed."

The Moore’s grow a variety of vegetables, melons, and strawberries. Barbara says they sell their products all over the East coast through a broker called J&J Family of Farms. Through this arrangement, J&J picks up the produce from their farm and delivers it to Walmart, Kroger’s, and other stores. She says on a prime day of picking they can fill five semi-trucks with their fruits and veggies.

While it’s been a good working relationship with J&J, Barbara says their goal is to eventually sell more product to the stores directly from their farm.

"They make the money no matter if we do it all because they get a percent, and for each box we pack they get a percent off of that too. We would make more money if we could sell from here. Then we’re not having to pay J&J for handling, even though they’re getting commission," says Barbara. "So, we’re expanding our cooler space, and making more room for products so that more stuff can be picked up from here."

Barbara says they also have a U-Pick program that allows people to come directly to the farm to buy fresh produce.

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