Ideas for a versatile trellis, tool storage and more | Living the Country Life

Ideas for a versatile trellis, tool storage and more

Ideas for a versatile trellis, tool storage and more.

Versatile trellis

Using standard livestock panels (welded and galvanized), steel T-posts, and wire clips, I built multipurpose support units for climbing fruits and vegetables. They come down easily at the end of the season for cleaning and storage.
- R.B., Alabama

Tool storage

I recycled an old pallet by adding two feet to hold it upright. A bottom makes sliding it around the garage a bit easier. I just drop the tools in and pull them out as needed. You can store many tools in a small space, and each is easily accessible.
- A.C., South Carolina

Ladder safety

To determine the proper lean of a ladder, face the ladder and place your toes against the foot of the ladder with your arms outstreached in front of you. Your fingers should just touch the ladder's rails.
- E.F., New Hampshire

Discarded Easter eggs

We put one plastic Easter egg in each of our chickens' nesting boxes. It encourages the hens to use all the boxes, and when the snakes come to eat the eggs, they get a surprise.
- R.I., Missouri

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