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New tools for canning

The process is getting a lot easier

I’ve canned a lot of tomatoes and salsa. I process the jars in a hot water bath using a big pot on the stove. Canning has become a lost art in recent years, but it’s coming back.

Janine Moore is the senior brand manager of fresh preserving with Jarden Home Brands. She says the company is seeing a huge spike in canning interest from the millennial generation. These customers are focused on fresh foods, and going online to find recipes and other tips for preserving them.

New technology is making the canning process a breeze for both new and novice canners. One device is called the FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and Multi Cooker.

"It’s a plug in countertop appliance that really makes water bath canning really, really convenient. And then you can also use it as a multi-cooker for soups, or stews, or steaming vegetables, or warming beverages," says Moore. "We heard from consumers that they want an appliance that doesn’t just do one thing, especially if they need to try to find the storage space for it on their countertop."

The device has a 21-quart capacity, and has a spout on the side so you can easily drain the water into the sink.

Moore says another appliance, called the FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System, takes the guesswork out with the push of a button.

"It’s more like the one touch easy convenience of a button where you put your jams, jellies or whatever your recipe is. You can push like the pickle button and then it just does everything for you," says Moore. "So you get to walk away and then just let it come back once it beeps, and then your recipes are good to go."

The automatic home canning system retails for about $300. The water bath canner and multi cooker costs around $150.

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