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Old Goat Farm

Two men bought a farm that came with birds and a couple of old goats
Photo courtesy of Old Goat Farm

Greg Graves was out helping his friend dig some topiary at a nursery near Graham, Washington, and was captivated by the charm of the century-old farmhouse, gardens, pasture, and mature trees. When it went up for sale, Greg and his partner Gary Waller became the owners of the place they call “Old Goat Farm.”

Greg says the acreage came with a few critters as well.

"Several birds and a couple of old goats, which is part of the reason it got its name. But since then we’ve done some bird rescue and small animal rescue. We have a donkey and three goats now, and about 100 birds. We have turkeys, guinea hens, ducks, about 80 chickens," says Greg. "A little bit of everything, all domestic birds."

Both men have horticultural backgrounds. They have filled the nursery and gardens on the farm with woodland perennials, non-native ornamentals, small shrubs and trees, and some native plants.

Behind the pasture, Greg took advantage of an area that was logged off around 90-years ago, and hadn’t been touched since then.

"It’s kind of a perfect microcosm of Northwest natives, so I started making trails through there and kind of enhancing the native plants. Then, a neighbor tore down a bunch of trees last year to build a building on their property, so I asked if I could have the stumps," says Greg. "We brought the stumps over to create a fern garden at the edge of the woods."

Greg and Gary offer classes, host popular Christmas teas during the holiday season, and open the nursery to the public one weekend each month. Greg says the money they make from the nursery goes into buying feed for all of their animals.

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