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Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap

A young Rhode Island girl has launched her own soap making business
Photo courtesy of Travis Family Farm

Rachyl Travis of North Scituate, Rhode Island is only 13-years old, but can tell you everything you want to know about making soap from goat milk. She got her very first dairy goat when she was seven-years-old, and two-years later, that number rose to ten.

Rachyl says as the herd grew, she had a dilemma to solve.

"They all wanted to milk because they all had their babies," she says. "We had so much milk and I didn’t know what to do with all of it, so I started looking up what you can do with goat milk and I found goat milk soap, and me and my sister tried it out. My sister didn’t like making it but I loved making it, so I kept on making it and then I started selling it to our farmer’s markets."

Rachyl says in the very beginning, she went through a lot of trial-and-error trying to find just the right soap recipe on the internet. She tinkered with several of them to come up with her own concoction. Rachyl saw this was a way she could do her part to help on the farm.

She has developed 15 different soap scents and has taken ownership of her business from milking the goats to wrapping the soap bars, to selling them at the farmer’s markets and online.

Rachyl enjoys the soap making process, and the benefits from the end results.

"It’s like a science experiment and each soap comes out different," says Rachyl. "I like it especially because now I get to raise my farm off of the money I make from the soap."

The rest of the family is also involved. They now have 15 dairy goats, and Rachyl’s mom and siblings make lotions, lip balm, and candles.

Rachyl gets a paycheck from her soap sales at the farmer’s markets. Besides investing in the family farm, she’s also saving the money for college. She wants to go into business management.

Check out the Travis family farm and Rachyl's soap business

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