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Recreation ideas for country living, including backyard games and outdoor fun.


If your land has the natural beauty of a park, you may be approached...
Invite the public to tour your farm or ranch to educate them about...
Stay out of the emergency room
Being in the wild is relaxing
In Norway, where winter days are short and cold, the "koselig...


Protect your kids from farm hazards
Retaining walls are built to hold back soil, especially when your garden or flowers are located on an unnatural slope on your yard or farm.
There are many different ways to build a retaining wall. Here are...
 Make sure your yard stays mosquito free this year by using some of these natural plant and flower repellents.
Make sure your yard stays mosquito free this year by using some of...
New technologies make the chore easier so you can enjoy taking care...
Get ready to spring clean your home!
Do you have that spring cleaning itch? Here are the spots around your...

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