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5 fall yard games

Check out these 5 fall yard games, sure to provide fun for all ages!

The outdoors is a great place for games and activities. These five fall games are sure to provide entertainment and fun for all!

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Add a fall twist to this classic game by playing with pumpkins! Paint X's and O's onto the pumpkins or use different colored pumpkins to serve as the pawns. Rope or long sticks work great to create the playing board.

Pumpkin Checkers

Move the checkers game outside! Create a checkerboard out of old cardboard or plywood. From there, different colored pumpkins or two different types of fall produce replace checker pieces!

Squash Bowling

Have you ever wondered which vegetable looks the most like a bowling pin? How about a squash? Design numbers to attach to squash, and then arrange them in standard bowling pin order on a flat surface (garage floor or flat area in your yard). Now let the fun being! For even more fall-themed fun, use a nicely rounded pumpkin as your bowling ball!

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Long-stemmed pumpkins serve as great targets for a game of ring toss! Set up the pumpkins in any order to create fun for all ages. Rings can either be cut out from cardboard, or for nighttime fun, use glow necklaces! Squash could also be used as a target.

Pumpkin Sweep

Don't let the name fool you; this game is harder than it sounds! Start off by creating an obstacle course. This can be as simple as setting a chair up at the opposite of the start/finish line, or as difficult as setting up a variety of chairs and objects to weave through. Next, hand all participants a well rounded pumpkin and sturdy broom. The object of this game is to race through the obstacle course while sweeping, or rolling, the pumpkins through too!

Try one, or all, of these yard games this autumn! Combine multiple games to create the ultimate fall obstacle course! 

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