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Building a dirt bike track

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High-speed fun

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Radio interview source: John Steiner, owner/operator, MX Track Builders

My kids never wanted a dirt bike. The only high-speed items they desired were computers and the Internet! But there are a lot of folks who build tracks on their land for playing in the dirt.

John Steiner is the owner of a company that builds dirt bike tracks, and says motocross is the most popular style for acreages. Plan your design by first observing the lay of the land.

"You want to use the natural contour and elevation to provide all your obstacles, unlike other tracks that are all man-made," Steiner says. "So, the more contour you have on the property and the more elevation changes, the better your track is going to be."

The soil should be clay-based and well packed so it doesn't erode away. If the dirt is soft and loamy, you'll spend more time grooming the track than having fun on it. Another thing to consider is drainage. Low-lying areas will get swamped when there's a lot of rain. The track should angle slightly to the side to let the water run off.


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