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Hanging a tire swing

What do a big tree, some rope, and a tire all have in common? They get kids away from video games. Entice kids to play outside with a tire swing. Here are some tips for hanging a tire swing:

  • Use a big, strong, healthy tree, and test several branches until you find one that will support plenty of weight and allow clearance for the swing. 
  • Punch a few holes in the bottom of your tire to allow rain water to drain out.
  • Scrub the tire, let it dry, paint with a few coats of spray paint, let dry, and finish with a clear coat. This will prevent black streaks from the tire from staining clothes and skin.
  • To hang the tire so it sits horizontally, attach U-bolts to 3 equally spaced spots on the top of the tire. Attach a length of chain to each. Join the chains overhead on a heavy-duty lubricated tire swivel. 

Radio interview source: Barbara Butler, Play Structure Designer

Hanging a tire swing

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