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Planning a Barn Wedding

Create an atmosphere to remember with a rustic venue
Photo courtesy of Milestone Barn

Barn weddings are a hip trend for brides and grooms who want a rustic, beautiful setting.

Years ago I went to a co-worker's wedding that was in a barn. The bride wore a simple dress, and carried a handful of yellow daisies. The groom wore bib overalls and carried a pitchfork! It was an unusual ceremony, but one I will always remember.

Carolyn Pumford is the owner of The Milestone Barn in Bannister, Michigan. She says when you're looking for a barn to get married in, decide if you want one that's already set up as a wedding venue, or you'd rather re-do a barn for the occasion.

Pumford says a big trend right now is making your own decorations. 

"Signs are very popular made out of barn wood," she says. "Signs for the barn, signs for where to park. You see old windows, a lot of people like to use the chalkboard paint on the panes of the windows. People also like to use lots of burlap and lace. Another popular thing is people like to use Mason jars for decorations, other people like to use Mason jars actually for drinks."

Barns can be dark inside, so Pumford says you'll need a plan for lighting. She often sees strings of lights hung from the rafters that add twinkle and charm.

Both the wedding and reception can be held inside the barn. But Pumford says she encourages brides and grooms to use the outdoor space as well.

"Let your guests kind of roam around," Pumford says. "Do some seating in the reception area outside, make it comfortable for people, make sure you have benches out there. Another big trend that we see all the time is yard games. People love doing yard games. Bean bag tosses, sometimes we see people do the big Jenga games, giving your guests a laid-back feel and they can really enjoy themselves, and just have fun with the whole process of the day."

Guest comfort also includes bathroom facilities. If the barn venue doesn't already have them, you'll have to find other means.

Radio interview source: Carolyn Pumford, owner of The Milestone Barn

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