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Pumpkin carving

Learn some new carving tips and tricks to create pumpkins with personality

Radio interview source: "Stoney", Owner, Stoneykins.com

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Figuring out a design to carve into a pumpkin can be tricky. We talked with an artist who goes by the name Stoney about his ideas. He owns Stoneykins.com, a website devoted to pumpkin carving. Stoney says you can get really creative with stencils.

"I actually create two different types," Stoney says. "One is a traditional cut-out pattern, which is basically you just cut the shapes out. The second type is known as a shaded pattern. Basically what you do is you cut the shapes out, and then there's a third color which is just taking the skin off the pumpkin. It gives the image a three-dimensional look."

It can be difficult to tape the stencil paper on the pumpkin and hope it doesn't move. Stoney's tip is to print out the stencil on sticker paper, slap it on the pumpkin, and cut. A popular cutting tool is a sharp knife, but you can find kits with tools specifically meant for pumpkin carving. Exacto knives and drill bits also come in handy.

It's easy to get excited about your new creations and put the carved pumpkins outside too soon. They were usually shriveled by Halloween. Stoney has a solution for this.

"If the pumpkin's left outside and it starts to shrivel up, just bring it back inside, drop it in the sink for two-hours of cold water, it'll come right back to life just like you carved it that day," Stoney says. "Pumpkins are 90% water and before it starts to actually decay with the green stuff, it's actually dehydrating first. When you put it in the sink, the pumpkin works like a sponge and just takes that water right back in." Stoney says another tip to make your masterpiece last longer is to dip it in a sink of cold water and a cup of bleach. This helps fight off bacteria and mold.
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