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2018 New Plant Varieties

You could almost think of 2018 as the “year of stripes”
Photo courtesy of National Garden Bureau

Like most gardeners, I get tired of planting the same old stuff in the garden. Every spring I look for something new to try whether it’s a vegetable or flower. This year, you’re going to find lots of flowers and veggies with unusual color variations.

Diane Blazek is the executive director of the National Garden Bureau. She says for example in both the pepper and tomato categories, the produce will be wearing stripes.

"One is called “Tomato Artisan Maglia-Rosa”. It’s like a small, plum tomato and it’s red with orange stripes on it. Then we also have “Chef’s Choice Green” so it’s a big beefsteak tomato, but it has some striping on it that’s kind of green and kind of yellow," says Blazek. "We have a pepper that’s called “Candy Cane” and these are small sweet peppers that are striped."

There is also a new orange pumpkin variety with mottled green stripes, and seeds that don’t have those tough hulls.

Blazek says a lot of plant companies are working on flower alternatives to impatiens because of downy mildew problems the past few years. She says new varieties of begonias are expected to pick up the slack in shady gardens.

"I think we have about 15 different varieties, so you name it. If you want bronze foliage, dark green foliage, light green foliage, if you want double flowers, single flowers, drooping flowers, you’re going to be able to find it this year, there’s no doubt about that," she says.

Plant companies want you to have success in garden, so Blazek says while you can find lots of fun new varieties, plant propagators continue to breed for things such as drought tolerance and less maintenance.

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