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26 plants for attracting beneficial insects

A Michigan State University entomology study has found that native bees and insect predators that have access to native plants do a great job of pollinating and consuming insect pests. This can add up to lower pest control expenses and higher yields at harvest. Here are 26 plants that help attract beneficial insects.
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Wild strawberry

Small white blossoms open on this low-growing leafy plant. It blooms in late spring and bears small, edible strawberries. The wild strawberry is an attractive early season plant to natural enemies. It can tolerate full sun to partial shade and mid-range soil moisture. It is often found in dry, sunny places including woods and clearings.
Flowers will begin to grow from seeds in the second or third year. It can grow from plug material and is an easy to establish ground cover. The fact that it spreads both by runners and seed makes it a good candidate for large areas with a lot of space. Although the plant can move into agricultural fields, it is unlikely to continue to grow in cultivated soil.

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: April 17, 2012

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