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6 Garden Tools You Need this Spring

For the tidiest garden on the block, you’ll need to regularly prune, sweep, and clean up. The right tools make those tasks simple and help to better manage your time. Here are options that will more than earn their keep by helping you keep your garden looking great.
Edgers keep lawn borders tidy and trim.
Shredders turn yard waste into organic mulch for flower beds.
Hedge trimmers make fast work of cutting down ornamental grasses.
Stakes help keep flowers, such as peonies or dahlias, from flopping over.
  • Edgers create a defined trench by cutting weed and grass roots for sharp borders on lawns. Find them both in gas, electric, and cordless (lithium-ion battery-powered) models.
  • Stakes keep tall plants such as dahlias, delphiniums, and peonies from toppling over in wind and rain. Staking is a springtime activity; that way your plant grows up through it and receives support from within. For tall-stemmed plants, use straight stakes and loosely tie the plant stem to the stake. For mounding but floppy plants, such as peonies, use staking rings.
  • Mulching Mowers finely shred leaves and grass clippings right on your lawn, eliminating the need to bag them while adding nutrients and organic matter to your grass. They are a big help for a particularly large yard or one with lots of deciduous trees.
  • Chippers/Shredders chop leaves and small twigs, allowing you to spread them on your garden as mulch. Small shredders are available in electric or gasoline versions. Larger, gas-powered chipper/shredders have easy-to-use features, such as an electric start button, and wheels so you can roll them wherever they’re needed.
  • Leaf Blowers make quick work of gathering leaves into a pile for shredding or placing into recycling bags and can be used to clean other outdoor spaces.
  • Hedge Trimmers not only help you shape up shrubs but are handy for cutting down ornamental grasses before new shoots start to pop up in spring. Though hedge trimmers come in gas and electric models, the new lithium-ion battery-powered trimmers are lightweight and have no cords to accidentally sever while trimming. 


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