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Use color, shape, and texture to give your container garden designs some real pizazz

Container gardening is very popular right now and if you want to really make a statement with it, try “containerscaping.” The goal is to make your pots look cohesive with each other and the surroundings. Diane Blazek is the executive director of the National Garden Bureau. She says there are several ways you can do containerscaping. If your focus is the container, pick just one color, theme, or texture. Or, you can have fun with the plants.

"Container gardening is very popular and that’s usually using 3,4,5, different plants to make a container. That is still a good way to do containerscaping as long as you mimic that theme of your combination planter multiple times," says Blazek. "Or, if you want to go for the dramatic, maybe you put just a monoculture into three or five different containers."

Blazek says containerscaping is a great way to solve a landscaping problem. For example, maybe you have a deck that is empty and you want to liven up the space.

"You might put one large container in the corner and then two smaller ones in front. And again, the containers can be all the same color or what you put in them can be all the same, be it a monoculture or a combination," says Blazek. "On the edge of my patio, there’s a place where it’s just kind of a drop off. Well I don’t want people falling off my patio so I have put a row of three containers, and each one has a big Kong coleus in it. That’s another way to use them."

Big and bold containers make more of a sophisticated impact, while small, numerous containers give the area more of a cottage-garden feel.

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