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Craft a plant marker

Rustic plant markers make a personal statement in your garden beds. Plus, you can make them yourself.

Keep track of herbs

Many catalogs, nurseries, and garden centers sell plant markers that help you find beloved plants season after season. But when you make your own markers, you get the extra satisfaction of being able to tell admirers, "Thanks, I made them myself."

Try the step-by-step instructions listed on the following page to make charming, rustic willow markers.

Other materials you can use to make personalized, homemade labels include the following:

  • Tiny terra-cotta pots mounted upside down, on stakes or on sticks.

  • Large pieces of broken terra-cotta pots partially buried at the end of the rows.

  • Picture frames lashed to stakes.

  • Medium-gauge wire bent cleverly to spell each plant name.

  • Colored, translucent, acetate document holders cut into shapes and slipped over sticks or stakes.

  • Punched tin or engraved copper.

  • Woodburned wooden stakes.

Whatever you do, style your markers to match the theme of your garden. These useful signposts will add a personal touch to your beds.

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