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Advice on planting and growing flowers, including roses, wildflowers, perennials, annuals, iris, lilies, and more.

Ideas for Perennials

Learn about the cranberry industry and a fourth generation, cranberry farm in central Wisconsin.
Habelman Bros. is a fourth-generation cranberry farm in central...
Have more plants without spending more money
Mesa™ Peach Blanket Flower fall 2014 plant from High Country Gardens
Although spring is known as the ideal season for planting, there are...
With bold colors, easy care regimens, and one-of-a-kind blossoms,...
High Country Gardens makes a point of offering flowers, shrubs, and...

Latest Flowers Stories

Check out these picturesque spring scenes from the country.
Check out these picturesque spring scenes from the country.
These beautiful flowers can be displayed inside next to the front door or outside on the porch. The white bucket helps bring out the bright colors of the pink and purple flowers.
Have a lot of flowers from your garden this spring? No problem! Check...
Get ready to spring clean your home!
Do you have that spring cleaning itch? Here are the spots around your...
Tulips are the perfect spring flower!
Which one of these spring bloomers will be in your garden this year?
Add a swing to your porch this spring.
We’re anxious for spring to arrive! In the meantime here are some of...

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