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The spot to pick

This quirky U-pick flower farm is both old-fashioned and full of new ideas.
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Busy bee!

Cathy Lafrenz wants you to come visitin'. You may find her cutting lilies in one of the beds where she grows 8,000 annuals each year. Or she might be setting a table in the old corncrib that's been remodeled for tea parties (called the "corn-zebo"). She could be feeding the hens. Wait, she's in the Summer Kitchen selling fresh eggs and homemade wool scarves. There she is ducking under the teacup tree, heading to the Victorian farmhouse to teach a class on cheese making. Nobody does more with 2 acres -- or moves faster through them -- than Cathy Lafrenz. As her husband, Cliff, points out, "She doesn't ever walk slow! 

Date Published: July 11, 2012
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