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How to get started in a farmer's market

Get the lowdown on making extra income and sharing your produce at farmer's markets

Radio interview source: Anthony Flaccavento, farmer and director, Appalachian Sustainable Development









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Farmer's markets are a great way for city residents and non-gardeners to get fresh produce straight from the grower. For acreage owners, this can mean extra income. Rules and regulations vary from city to city, so check with your local market to see what's required to become a vendor. Also, small-town markets might allow you to just show up and set up shop if you have extra produce, but markets in larger cities usually require a season-long commitment and charge a vendor fee.

Learn more about farmer's markets:

Local Harvest: This site offers a clickable map that lists farmer's markets all over the country. It also offers a "virtual farmer's market" where you can order fresh items online. If you're a grower, you can also offer your wares on this site.

Rediscover farmer's markets: Like their ancestors in colonial times, a growing number of Americans are making their first ritual of the weekend a stop at the local farmer's market. And as an acreage owner, you can cash in on this trend. Here's how.

Thriving on community: David Zuckerman and wife Rachel Nevitt lease about 15 acres from the Intervale Foundation in Burlington, Vermont, and grow organic vegetables and strawberries on 10 acres. They grossed about $80,000 last year -- all of it earned locally, through community-supported agriculture (CSA) and direct marketing.

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