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2018 Landscaping Plants

Monrovia, the lead grower of premium ornamental and landscaping plants in the U.S., announces their lineup of new plant varieties for 2018.
Grace N' Grit BiColor Rose
FloralBerry Sangria St. John's Wort
Seaside Serenade Cape Hatteras Hydrangea

New and exclusive varieties of ornamental and landscaping plants are on the horizon for 2018. In an effort to explore and grow impoved landscape plants, grower Monrovia has new introductions in response to the needs of homeowners. Monrovia says these new plant varieties are both easy to grow and provide long-lasting beauty to your landscape. 

"Consumers are looking for 'power plants' - specimens with big color, big impact, big solutions - that dazzle in the landscape while also being notably tough and low-maintenance," says Jonathan Pedersen, Vice President of Business Development for Monrovia. "The trend we've seen over the past few years for smaller and more manageable landscapes (and container gardening) is not retreating, but is actually on the rise. To make every square foot count, homeowners want plants to do double, even triple duty. And they want something their neighbors don't have - something unique."

Among the plants Monrovia is debuting in 2018 are Seaside Serenade Hydrangeas, a new collection of compact and reblooming varieties; a series of disease-resistant shrub roses known as Grace N' Grit; and FloralBerry, a group of hardy, showy shrubs that provide bold fall color. These join more than two dozen other new selections, each serving a purpose in your landscape. "Shrubs that bloom well in shade, conifers that add brilliant winter interest, free-flowering perennials that can withstand drought - every plant in our 2018 collection is a game changer, making it easier for homeowners to grow beautifully," says Pederson.

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