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Colorful container planting

Give your plants some personality with these container decorating tips

Radio interview source: Jen Calhoun, marketing specialist, Ball Horticultural Company














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Get creative

Every year I plant geraniums in containers and set them around the sunny side of the garage. And impatiens live on the front porch where it's shady. I like the ease of container gardening.

It doesn't have to be in a traditional clay pot. Be creative and put them in wooden barrels, chimney liners, galvanized buckets, or an old boot. If it holds dirt, it'll hold plants. Just be sure there's a drainage hole in the bottom and add good potting soil.

Choosing a container is the first part. Finding the right flora to grow in it is the fun part. Jen Calhoun is a specialist with a major plant company and says for the most interesting look, remember these three categories -- thrillers, fillers, and spillers.

"The thrillers are the tall ones that kind of grab your attention to the container, and they give your container structure," Calhoun says. "The fillers are kind of in the middle and give you color and a little bit more texture. And then the spillers kind of trail over the side and soften the edges a little bit. But then there are also different textures among those things. The more color you have, usually the less texture you need."

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