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Top 10 shade plants

As gardeners, we're used to experiencing jewel-tone blossoms - borders and beds in bright light are the norm. However, a well-done shade border can be every bit as captivating as - if not more than - its sunny counterpart.

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2. Coralbells
Today there are myriad varieties of coralbells - virtually all of them are worthy of the shady garden. Some varieties have colorful foliage that's marked with silver, bronze, or purple. Others have flowers of bright pink, red, or white.

A few varieties offer the best of both foliar and floral interest. 'Pewter Veil' has reddish-purple foliage overlaid with silver. ' Amber Waves' has striking golden foliage that's slightly tinted with pink. Pink-flowering 'Champagne Bubbles' is one of the most floriferous varieties.

Growing: Most coralbells (Heuchera spp.) are hardy in Zones 4-8. Dwarf varieties may stay about 1 foot tall when in bloom; taller varieties can top out around 3 feet.

Tip: Use several different, but similar, varieties of coralbells in the garden to give a sense of cohesiveness while offering an intriguing contrast.

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