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Top 10 shade plants

As gardeners, we're used to experiencing jewel-tone blossoms - borders and beds in bright light are the norm. However, a well-done shade border can be every bit as captivating as - if not more than - its sunny counterpart.

Toad lily

9. Toad lily
Toad lily produces some of the most exotic flowers in the shade garden. It blooms in late summer and autumn and bears white or purple flowers that are often spotted with purple. A few less-hardy varieties produce sunny yellow blooms. The foliage is somewhat hairy and fun to touch.

Growing: Toad lily (Tricyrtis hirta) is hardy in Zones 4-9, and most of its varieties grow about 3 feet tall.

Tip: Plant toad lilies with spring-blooming bulbs or groundcovers to extend the season of color in a particular area of your shade garden.

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