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Trimming wild grapevines

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Be vigilant

If the vines get a stronghold, they'll grow like weeds both up and out. The stems range in size from your little finger to 6 inches in diameter. So it may take several tools to slice through them.

"Typically when the vines are cut, you will use either a pair of loppers and cut them off, or a chainsaw, or a hand saw, and cut those off," Ernst says. "But the vine, once it's cut, the leaves will shrivel up. There won't be near the weight up in the trees, there won't be leaves any longer up there on the grapevine to block the sunlight. There's really not much need at all to pull them out of the trees."

You may need to embark on a vine-destroying mission more than once. The seed can remain viable in the soil for at least 15 years and loves to sprout up with young trees.

On the other hand, having some around isn't always a bad thing. The plant produces food, cover, and nesting material for many species of wildlife.

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Wild grapevine management: Follow these specific instructions for ridding your property of nuisance wild grapevines.

When wild grapevines are a problem in your timber, it's important to nip them in the bud.

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