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Using drip irrigation

widely available and better designed for home gardens than ever before

Easy to install

A drip system is easy to install because the mainline does not need to be trenched into the ground as is the case with sprinklers. The point of connection to a water supply can be a pump from a well, pond, or a faucet.

Water quality is important for the proper operation of a drip system. Filtration to remove algae, sand, and other materials is essential. Elaborate filters and more frequent cleaning will be necessary with water from wells or ponds that may contain algae.

A backflow prevention device is critical to preventing contamination of household potable water. Small anti-siphon devices are available that screw onto a hose bib for add-on systems. Contact your government building department or water provider to find out what backflow prevention is required.

A pressure regulator is essential for maintaining pressure that meets manufacturer specifications. Consider the pressure that will be needed for elevation changes. Add 5 psi to the operating pressure for every 10-foot rise in elevation above the point of connection to the water source.

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