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Rethinking the Garden Shed

If ever there was a garden fixture with potential, it is the garden shed. Practically speaking, no garden can function without a place to store tools and other miscellaneous gardening paraphernalia. But the typical garden shed is begging to have a more thoughtfully designed exterior to elevate it to a glorious focal point; plus, the interior is poised to be put to work.
A Scandinavian-style reading retreat features a raised roof and new windows to allow ample light. Soothing linens soften the lounging area inside.
This studio shed, flanked with a kaliedoscopic garden, boasts vibrant shades rather than camouflage colors and sports all the comforts of a little getaway in the woods.
A garden blogger can wax poetic surrounded by muse but reclining in the lap of luxury in this shed-turned-bloggers den. Mirrors seemingly expand the space as do hand-printed fabric trimmings. When blogging after hours, a candelabra lights the way.
Not to forgo practicality, the inside of this refuge is fitted with hand-hewn rustic furniture, a built-in bed, plus shelves for squirreling away nature’s treasures.

Shed Considerations:

  • Check local building codes and zoning guidelines. Many towns require permits before you construct a shed. It’s always wise to know the rules prior to breaking ground and beginning your project.
  • Define your shed’s role. What function will your shed perform for you and your family? Consider expanding your shed’s job description beyond merely storing tools.
  • Link with the landscape. Sheds can be a focal point and they also can camouflage an unsightly view. Make sure your structure enhances your landscape.
  • Site the shed to suit your needs. When positioning your shed, think about sun if you’re growing plants nearby or shade if you want a place to cool down. Select a level location if possible rather than bringing in earth-moving equipment.
  • Dress up the inside. Be creative with the interior decoration as well as the exterior design and color.
  • Personalize it. Whether it’s bookshelves, plant shelves, windows, mirrors, stained glass, a chandelier, a bench, or other features that bring you bliss, incorporate those perks inside.
  • Give yourself room to grow. Even if you plan to lounge in your shed, consider adding some work space—a counter for potting, storage cabinets, hooks for tools, etc. Let your shed do double duty.
  • Add amenities. Think about wiring your shed for electricity. If you plan to grow plants, consider installing a drain in the floor or a sink for potting. Let your shed be the Shangri-la of your dreams.

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