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Fall care for trees and shrubs

Take steps now to help trees and shrubs survive through winter

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If trees and shrubs are a significant part of your home's landscaping, fall is a great time to help protect your investment. Once the ground freezes, your trees and shrubs will be unable to get any extra water. To make sure there is enough moisture in the soil, give them a big drink now. Adding mulch to the surrounding area can help keep the soil moist through the cold winter months. Burlap wrap may be able to provide an additional layer of protection. However, it's not necessary to add fertilizer or prune in the fall. You'll simply encourage new growth that won't have time to harden off.

Radio Interview Source: Kelly Feehan, extention horticulture specialist, University of Nebraska

To learn more about carrying for fall trees and shrubs, we suggest the following Web sites:

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Fall Care for Fruit Trees: Learn how to prepare your fruit trees for the winter months.

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