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When to cut down a tree

It's not always easy to tell when a tree should be put out of its misery

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Trees, like other living organisms, eventually end up dying. If your tree is dropping dead branches or full of brown leaves, that's a fairly obvious clue that something is wrong. If you catch problems early, you may be able to save the tree. However, some trees will never recuperate. These trees can take years to become fully dead, but they must be carefully monitored to prevent them from becoming hazardous. Sick trees are very brittle, which means limbs may snap during high winds and cause property damage or personal injury.

Radio Interview Source: Tchukki Andersen, Staff Arborist, Tree Care Industry Association

For additional information about dealing with dead trees, we suggest visiting these helpful links:

Hazard Tree Assessment: Signs that indicate your tree is diseased or a potential safety hazard.

Garden Hints: Learn how a post-mortem analysis of your dead tree can help you prevent problems from reoccurring.

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