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#LoveTheUgly Fruits and Vegetables

One man’s mission to embrace the ugly (fruits and vegetables), and give them a chance.


Just like many things in life, fruits and vegetables can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So why is it that the only fruit and vegetables you see at the store look picture-perfect? This was the question that stuck with Jordan Figueiredo, the founder of the Ugly Fruit and Vegetable Campaign.

This campaign, started in December 2014, is aimed at creating awareness for the 20 to 40 percent of all produce that is disregarded, mainly because of cosmetic reasons, before it reaches the grocery store.

“It is such a simple problem that most people get once you explain the easy solutions,” states Figueiredo, “I wanted to change that there wasn’t a lot of attention to it and make it fun with character-filled images.”

‘Twisted Love Carrots’ and ‘Kissing Tomato Birdies’ are just a few of Figueiredo’s favorite “ugly” produce that he has purchased. These character-filled images, along with many more, have sparked an immense following on social media with almost 200,000 followers.

These photos of peculiar produce all come together through the hashtag #LoveTheUgly, which continues to grow.

“Ugly produce really isn’t ugly but delicious, fresh high-quality produce that has lots of love and character to give,” expresses Figueiredo.

With the increased momentum of the campaign, retailers have started to embrace the ugly. Whole Foods, Walmart and others have started to slowly integrate misshapen fruits and vegetables into their stores. At endfoodwaste.org, you can find directories of retailers who are giving ugly produce a chance.

To Figueiredo, success is the increase of grocers selling “ugly” produce and the thousands of people who are active every day, embracing the ugly.

“Those who are sharing images, spreading this issue to their friends and family, loving the ugly, and changing perception on this very engrained issue of produce discrimination, so to speak,” shares Figueiredo.

To join this movement, or learn more about it, check out the www.endfoodwaste.org/do-something.html. Maybe you can help embrace the ugly, and help to give all fruits and vegetables a chance.  

Share your "ugly" fruit and vegetable photos with us at staff@livingthecountrylife.com

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