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Choosing the right paint roller

Paint rollers can make your project go faster and easier

Radio interview source: Andrew Marsden, Product Manager, Purdy


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Choosing  the right roller cover size and material based on the surface you'll be painting makes a big difference. But it can be confusing to select what kind of roller to use.

Andrew Marsden is the product manager of a painting tools manufacturing company. He says the nap, or the puffiness of the roller, is what you should pay attention to.

"In general, the higher the nap, the more textured the surface you're going to want to use them on," says Marsden. "So if you're in a home that has heavily-textured walls, you're going to want to use a higher nap roller cover in order to cover the surface. If you're in a home with smooth walls, a 3/8" nap or even a ¼" nap will give you the best finish. It all depends on the environment, and the type of surface that you're painting."

Marsden says nine-inch paint rollers are the most popular size, but rollers range from 3-inches all the way to 18-inches. Choose the right size by the job, and what's comfortable for you to handle.

Roller covers are made out of many types of material, so buy according to the finish you want on your project.

"We have woven roller covers that are more of a finishing cover, great with latex-based coatings," says Marsden. "We also have 100% polyester roller covers that are more production-oriented, great for if you want to go far with your roller cover and not as worried about the finish. We also have specialty roller covers like mohair for things like doors and very smooth surfaces, and products that may be specialty in nature, small project-oriented jobs."

Choose the best quality you can afford. Even high-end paint won't look good with a cheap roller that sheds, or leaves nap marks.

Don't forget about the handle. It should be comfortable in your hand, hold the roller snug, and have threads for attaching to an extension pole.

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