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Advice on how to make your country home more beautiful and useful, including porches, decks, kitchens, mudrooms and more.

Country View

The Hession family is growing black walnuts for the furniture industry
Deirdre Heekin grows nearly all of the produce for her restaurant
Conservation and cheese go hand-in-hand for this Florida couple

Beautiful Places

Here is the winner and the finalists in our Beautiful Places photo...
Here are just a few favorite gardens and landscapes submitted by...
Our readers captured the awe and beauty the sun and sky have to offer...

Decorating and designing your home

Creative country design tips.
Pumpkin walkway
Try some of these spooky and silly pumpkin carving designs this...
Halloween party planning 101

DIY Projects

Forget the packaged egg dye kits this year, and use items from the...
Your pets are an important part of your life. Give them a special...
With some wood, a few tools, and a weekend, you can build one of...

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