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Benefits of a wood stove

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Listen to this exttended radio story on the benefits of wood stoves. (MP3 download)

Wood stoves were a mainstay in homes of the past, and they can still be used to help reduce heating costs. They aren't designed to heat entire homes, but can do a good job keeping a room or two toasty. Listen to the Living the Country Life Radio Program for more on wood stoves, including models that go inside traditional fireplaces, turning them into an efficient heat source.

Radio interview source: Leslie Wheeler, director of communications, Hearth, Patio & BBQ Association

Leslie Wheeler is a wood stove expert and says there's a way to turn up the heat without burning a hole in your wallet.

"What's wonderful about a wood stove is you can turn down your central furnace thermostat and keep the rest of the house cooler but where the wood stove is you can keep it nice and toasty warm," Wheeler says. "Depending on your source of wood, if you have your own supply or you enjoy chopping wood, then it can be very low cost for you."

If you can lower your thermostat one degree for twenty-four hours, that's a three percent savings.

You can put a woodstove just about anywhere, including on the hearth, but now there are woodstove inserts that go inside the traditional woodburning fireplace, making the fireplace a lot more efficient.

"It sucks warm air out of your room and goes up the chimney and it just isn't an efficient sort of heat," Wheeler says. "But if you put a wood stove insert into that opening, it turns an inefficient fireplace into a nice, efficient, source of heat. And the stove can be vented right up your old chimney."

There are other benefits that can't be measured by temperature or dollars. On chilly winter days, a brightly burning woodstove attracts friends and family like bugs to a light. And you'll buff up in no time if you like to chop wood and haul it to the house.

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