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Country View: Janet Farrar Worthington – Bumble Creek Farm – Free Union, PA

We're featuring Janet Farrar Worthington, who wrote a book about her zany farm life adventures.
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Radio interview source: Janet Farrar Worthington, Author, Bumble Creek Farm

Janet Farrar-Worthington and her husband, Mark, are urban professionals who grew up in the suburbs on the East Coast. But Janet was inspired by authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and wanted to live a life in the country. When the couple moved to Free Union, Virginia, they pounced on 21-acres.
Janet knew there would be a huge learning curve, and discovered that people in the country were willing to help out.  
"We had older farmers in our neighborhood and at church, and they were people that wanted us to succeed," she says. "We got these horses because the stable was going out of business. We didn't know how to feed the horses, we didn't know what they ate, we had all this grass but it turns out that grass was not very good, it was broom sage. So, we had to buy hay, we didn't know how to buy hay but there was a guy at our church who sold it. He was just a great resource. I could just call him for anything, and he never made me feel stupid."
While most of their neighbors were very kind and helpful, Janet said others were rather bizarre, such as the neighbor who became a witch doctor and set fire to part of their land. 
The family menagerie eventually grew to include dogs, guard llamas, and escape-prone sheep. Janet says needing a sense of humor was definitely part of the package.
"It's hard not to get a little bit earthy when you're out with animals and they're just doing things, and they're bringing in dead things, and they're going to the bathroom all over the place, and they just do what they do," Janet says. "There are things that happen that are insane like my dog, Betsy, bringing in the head of a dead pig. I've never smelled anything so bad in my life!"
Add in the birth of a third child and home renovation, and you have the makings of a good story. Janet kept a journal, and compiled all of their zany adventures into a book called Bumble Creek Farm.

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