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Country View: Jay and Jen Louden – Louden Farms – Newbury, OH

This Country View episode features Jay and Jen Louden who find delight in multicolored poultry.
Photo courtesy Jay and Jen Louden
Jay and Jen Louden of Newbury, Ohio, live on three-acres of land with four kids, a few farm animals, and dozens of colorful poultry. Jen says they started out with chickens to have eggs to sell. They've enjoyed crossing the breeds to develop different colored eggs – there is no bird on their farm that lays a white egg.  
Jen says the menagerie grew when Jay saw an ad for pea chicks in their area.
"He said, wouldn't that be fun to just have a couple of birds to just have more as eye candy and it'll be something fun to do? I said, sure why not," she says. "So we got a few chicks, and we found we enjoyed them so much that within a few months we bought an adult pair, and then a few months after that we bought another pair, and pretty much ballooned out from there. We were really fortunate that we were able to have some really great mentors early on in our pea fowl keeping."
Today, the Louden family has dozens of peacocks, peahens, and chicks that are raised as breeders or to sell. The United Peafowl Association has 13 approved colors of peafowl, and five approved patterns. Every peafowl has a color and a pattern. 
Jen says it's addictive to discover what beautiful combinations her birds develop.
"The one that is my favorite, his color is bronze," says Jen. "But he carries a unique trait where when he was a year old, he started to get a little bit of white in his feathering, and he's four now. Every year since, he has increased the amount of white in his body and it shows up in different places, so we've been calling that 'Progressive Pied.' We hope someday to be able to offer that up as a potential new pattern."
Both Jay and Jen are members of the United Peafowl Association, and Jay is on the board of directors. The couple also participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, which enables them to ship eggs and birds outside of the state of Ohio. 

Radio interview sources: Jay and Jen Louden, Owners, Louden Farms




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