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Home Sweet Grain Bin

An Iowa man creates his "vacation" home out of a Sukup grain bin

During the fall of 2015, Bob Quinn finished work on his vacation home in St. Charles, Iowa. This residence fits in perfectly with the scenery throughout the state of Iowa, but has a unique twist on the idea of a home. Quinn decided to make his house out of a Sukup grain bin.

“We wanted a house that looked like it fit the farm,” says Quinn, “This is our escape house, so we had a little more latitude when building. It was this or a log home, which was, in my mind, just too common. I wanted fun, unique and a part of the farm.”

He got the idea from the relief huts that Sukup built in Haiti, so he knew they were able to put windows and doors in grain bins. A local bin builder put up the shell, while Quinn, his family and friends completed the rest of the process.

He wanted the inside of the structure to look like a grain bin, which was the biggest challenge of the project. In order to get the grain bin-feel and make sure it was fitted for life in Iowa, he had to essentially double-up the structure.

“We basically built another steel shell inside the first, complete with insulation and two roof system,” says Quinn.

All of this work created the final product. On the outside it looks like exactly like a grain bin, but with doors and windows. On the inside, a high-class grain bin with all of the living necessities. He used the perforated drying floor to create a loft, which is where the beds are located. The stairs you would typically see on the outside of the bin are used on the inside to get to the loft area, and a local welder created the railing. On the lower floor, there is a living room area, kitchen and bathroom.

However, this distinctive home isn’t without its trials.

“Get used to rain and hail sounding loud inside,” says Quinn. He also suggests to seal the bin floor to avoid leak issues and to lay out the interior before you start. “We kind of did as we went, which caused some delays and changes.”

The Quinn’s grain bin home brings a new meaning to mirroring the states commodities, and fits the Iowa landscape perfectly.

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