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How to Choose a Gazebo

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on a gazebo design

You’re in the market for a gazebo for your backyard but don’t even know where to begin. It's important to figure out important aspects of gazebo choosing; such as whether you can do-it-yourself or if you will need a contractor, to the type of materials, sizes and features that you probably didn’t even know were available. Sit back and relax…the ultimate guide to buying the right gazebo for you is here.

What is the Gazebo Going to Be Used For?

First thing's first…why are you getting a gazebo and what will you be using it for? The possibilities are a plenty and deciding what you will be using it for will also help you figure out where you should put it.

  • Are you getting a gazebo for a wedding or reception? Maybe you just need a place outside to get away and relax.
  • Some people buy gazebos to upgrade their home value.
  • Do you have guests over to entertain and think that a gazebo will be perfect for a dinner and drinks environment?
  • If you have kids, a gazebo can be great, and placing it so that you can see it from your windows inside gives every parent a feeling of security.
  • If you work from home, just imagine the breeze and birds chirping as you sit at your desk and work away.
  • Using a gazebo as an exercise space can also be very peaceful and private.

Be Prepared for Your Gazebo

Sure, you know you are going to need to build it on flat surface. However, there are quite a few options to go about this:

  • Do you build it on a concrete pad, an existing patio, pavers, or even a pool or wooden deck?
  • If you want a hot tub gazebo, you will need to make sure you can easily get water lines to the gazebo.
  • Depending on the type of roof you want, whether closed or more open, would you prefer your gazebo to be in a sunny area or in the shade by the trees?
  • Know where you want to place your gazebo and think of what activities you may be sacrificing in your backyard. If you have children then maybe put it in a corner of the yard so they still have room to play.
  • Maybe you would prefer it right off the deck, or want it to be the focal point of your yard by putting in a central area.
  • Once you know the dimensions and where you want to put the gazebo, you may need to get a building permit from your municipality.

Different Types of Gazebos

There are many different types of gazebos. They come in 2 basic styles: wood or vinyl. Typically wood gazebos are built with cedar, pine, redwood and sometimes bamboo. Wood may have a nicer look by some opinions, but keep in mind the yearly maintenance of painting or staining they will require to be sure they last. On the other hand, vinyl does not need the upkeep of wood because it does not rot or warp. Gazebos on a pole, hot tub gazebos, and pop-up gazebos are just a few options you have when considering what type of gazebo you want. Most gazebos come with flooring, but you could have a garden gazebo and let the ground be your floor.

Know What You Want

So hopefully by now you know if you want a wooden or vinyl gazebo. Here are the next steps in choosing the right gazebo for your backyard, as well as a gazebo guide all about their pros and cons between the different kinds.

  1. Shape: Octagonal, square, oval, rectangular, and dodecagon are the most common shapes.
  2. Size: Dependent upon your yard space, but a small gazebo with built-in benches can be used in almost any small yard. Large gazebos fit great for large yards, but go back to what you are using it for to be sure you need it. Small gazebos usually start around 8’x8’ where larger gazebos are upwards of 20’x40’.
  3. Sidings and Railings: Pick the style of your sidings and railings, whether vinyl or wooden. Turned spindles, country style, baroque rails, and vinyl windows and screens are just a few options here.
  4. Roof: You have your standard, cupolas, pagoda roofs, and tiered roofing just to name a few popular roof styles. Also choose your post and brace styles, usually standard or Victorian.
  5. Flooring: With wood decking there are plenty of options from cedar to redwood composite and many more. Tropical decks include slate, mahogany, walnut, sand and stone cellular PVC and more.
  6. Optional features: Deck out your gazebo with an electrical package, screens and doors, vinyl windows, crown molding, or pathways to your gazebo with floral arrangements and gardening.

Finding the Right Supplier and Builder

Now that you have a good idea of what type and size gazebo you want and where you would like to put it, the next step is figuring out if you are going to get a gazebo kit and build it yourself or if you should find a supplier and contractor to set it up for you. If you feel comfortable constructing it from a gazebo kit, by all means go for it! However, if you ever tried a home improvement project that turned out looking like these, then maybe you should leave it to the pros.

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