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Love for the Lake

This Wisconsin couple built their home around a lakefront view

Love for the lake

This picture shows the view in winter from the lake to the Bradley home.

A lot of yard, a lot of flowers

The Bradleys have since planted an array of colorful perennials and annuals around their property, including lilacs, roses, Asiatic lilies, mums, peonies, and hostas, to name just a few.

"We were trying to get a variety of things that blossomed at certain times; we were shooting for color at different times of the year," Shirley says. "There was a lot of yard."

The Bradleys even transplanted some favorite perennials from their old property to the new place so they could bring a little of the beauty of their former home with them.

Don't wait -- enjoy now

While the Bradleys initially contemplated waiting to build their dream home on the lake, their decision to move forward with its creation has brought a great deal of satisfaction to the couple. "We thought this was going to be too much for us someday, so we should do it now," Shirley says. "So rather than waiting, we did it sooner and hoped to get more years of enjoyment out of it."

The time and effort the Bradleys invested in their lake property have proven to be very worthwhile. "We're pleased with the results -- very pleased," Shirley says.

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