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Love for the Lake

This Wisconsin couple built their home around a lakefront view

Lakefront View

Frank and Shirley Bradley love the view of their lake. So much so, in fact, they designed their Denmark, Wisconsin, home around it.

This picture is the lake view Frank and Shirley Bradley enjoy from their home near Denmark, Wisconsin.

While not particularly avid fishermen or boating enthusiasts, the Bradleys have a strong appreciation for the beauty that lies right in their backyard, and they can proudly say that they can see it all from the comfort of their living room.

Work it all around the view

After moving twice in a single summer (the second time into a small trailer on their 3-acre property), they began building their new house. While there was a small house already on the property, the Bradleys wanted a considerably different layout.

"We moved the house farther back on the property to have a better view," Shirley says. "We were working with an open concept where the living room and dining room face the lake, the backyard totally has a lake view, and everything else just fits around that."

Garbage pit becomes a rock garden

When their house had been completed, the Bradleys were left with the substantive task of landscaping their sweeping yard leading down to the lake. After planting more than 50 trees and installing an aesthetically appealing plant barrier between their home and the public boat launch, they noticed a glaring hole in their plan -- and their yard. A garbage-filled pit needed to be filled in and beautified.

Instead of leveling the hole with dirt, the Bradleys decided to use the stones excavated during the digging of their new home's foundation, plus bricks left over from the construction. They also added wood chips mulched locally. The garbage pit became a beautiful rock garden.

"We had been at our other property for 30 years and had played with landscaping, so we knew what worked," Shirley says.


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