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Make Canning Jar Pendant Lights

Classic canning jars add country appeal to any room. Here's how to transform these kitchen staples into stylish lights.

Step 1 

Coat the inside of canning jars with glass paint; bake to set the paint. Drill a hole in the center of each lid and insert nipples from lamp-cord kits, securing them with hex nuts. 

Step 2

Wire the sockets from the kits, then thread the wires through the nipples, screwing the sockets to the nipples. Insert low-wattage lightbulbs, then screw the lids onto the jars. Construct a ceiling box to hide the cords.

Step 3

Drill holes through the box from where you want the jars to hang. Thread all wires through box holes and attach to an electrical grounding bar, and then attach the grounding bar to the junction box. (Consider hiring an electrician for this part.)

Step 4

Mount the ceiling box over the junction box. If you're hanging the pendants over a table, they should be about 36-42 inches above the top of the table. 

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