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Storing and drying firewood

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Whether you use your fireplace as a main heat source for your home, or if you just like to snuggle up in front of it on cold winter evenings, you'll need the right kind of firewood. Different kinds of wood burn differently, and no matter what kind of wood you use, it has to be properly dried. It usually takes at least a year after cutting before firewood is ready to burn, so planning ahead is essential. Although sunlight plays an important part in drying the wood, ventilation is even more crucial. Try stacking woodpiles loosely, crossing them log-cabin-style, and stack wood on top of two-by-fours or other lumber to keep the bottom row from wicking moisture from the ground. A piece of sheet metal may be placed over the top to keep rain and snow out, but don't use a tarp, and keep the sides open.

Radio interview source: Steve Bowers, Extension forester, Oregon State University

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