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The farm within a city

This Colorado couple tackles rural restoration and local government.
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An uphill battle

When Bren Frisch and John Roberts first saw the dilapidated farm in Longmont, Colorado, they were overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done. But at the same time, they were excited about the possibilities the farm had to offer -- living an old-fashioned, rural lifestyle similar to the way they were raised, starting a family to enjoy it, and sharing that lifestyle with others.
With the purchase of the 50-acre farm (now called Sunflower Farm) at the end of 1999, they are doing just that. Bren, a graphic designer, and John, who remodels homes, spent the next 2-1/2 years cleaning up the farm and making it vital again.
While the couple knew there was a great deal to be accomplished to restore the farm, what they didn't realize were the challenges they would face because of where they're located. The farm is situated within Boulder County, near the city of Longmont, with a population of about 71,000.

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: May 10, 2012

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