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Waste oil space heaters

Heat your home on the cheap

Keeping warm during the cold winter months doesn't have to cost a fortune when you invest in waste oil space heaters. These unique products work by using cheap resources that are close to home, such as transmission fluid or used oil from vehicles. While fuel oil can be quite expensive, waste oil is a free energy source that can be used to produce heat with very little odor and no smoke. If you don't generate enough waste oil on your own property, you can even arrange to purchase waste oil from business in your area for just $.50 to $.90 per gallon delivered.

In every home there’s at least one spot that has a hard time staying warm in the winter. Maybe it's the entryway or mudroom. Or perhaps you want to heat your garage or shop without breaking the bank.

Depending on what you have, some heaters cost a lot of money to run. Waste oil burners can keep you warm by using cheap resources that are close to home. Instead of emptying your oil pan and having to dispose of it somewhere, use it as heat. You’ll be conserving natural energy that comes from turning a waste product into a valuable fuel. Kevin Clemmer works at a waste oil burner manufacturer, and says many types of fluid can be used in the heaters.

"We’ve found very high success of burning lubricating oils, transmission fluid, other types of materials that come out of vehicles," Clemmer says. "With few exceptions, some oils have fire retardants or other types of properties that prevent them from burning. In general most anything that’s collected from automobiles and trucks in lube shops and service garages is done quite well."

Emissions are similar to burning standard fuel oil. But why buy the stuff? get waste oil from your own vehicles and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money over the long haul.

Fuel oil can be a major expense, but Clemmer says, "The waste oil collected on site basically isn’t costing you anything."

The burners generally pay for themselves in 12 to 18 months. If you find you didn’t save up enough oil to last the season, Clemmer says diesel fuel works in the heaters, too. But you’ll have to buy that.

Another oil that’s growing in the reusable fuel category is vegetable oil. You could fry up a batch of French fries and then toss the used oil into the space heater. You have to have the oil filtered first, though, so the water and any left over bits of French fries don’t end up in the heater.

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Radio interview source: Kevin Clemmer, engineering manager, FireLake Manufacturing

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