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Keep an eye on your property with the help of your smartphone

Security cameras and other monitoring technologies have allowed farmers to keep an eye on everything from their home office. Now, you can do this anywhere in the world from the smartphone in the palm of your hand.

Craig Steen is the president and CEO of Clear2there, a company that offers smart farm technology. He says your smart phone can turn lights on and off in the house, control the thermostat, and even let people in your home with what the industry calls “smart locks.”

"That gives you from your smart phone the ability to unlock that door, get notification if somebody does go into your home and maybe they’re authorized to go in like a plumber," says Steen. "And then also the flexibility if that plumber shows up this afternoon at 2:00 and you’re at work, no need to take off work to let him in. From your phone you can unlock the door remotely, let him in, or you could give him a one-time passcode."

Steen says the same principals in technology can be used outside of the home on the farm. The system is customized for the size of your property. Your smart phone will alert you with a text message or email if there’s an issue with equipment, animals, or whatever the sensors are set up to monitor.
"Maybe he’s a small dairy farmer. He’s still got the same needs as a big operator," says Steen. "He’s got to maintain the refrigeration of his milk, he’s concerned about electricity in the barn, if there’s loss of electricity. Even from a water standpoint. If for some reason the water troughs stop filling up."

Steen says the cost depends on how many sensors you have, but the average cost of the service is $20-$50 per month. You do need connectivity to wireless and broadband, but fortunately most rural areas are not finding that to be as much of an issue anymore.

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