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Agritourism insurance

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Protect yourself

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Radio interview source: Sarah Gehring, member services coordinator, AgriMissouri

My dad offers wholesome, family fun on his farm in Maryland, with strawberries and other produce for folks to pick and activities for the kids. With so many people tromping around, he doesn't want anyone getting hurt. To protect himself, he carries a comprehensive liability insurance policy.

Sarah Gehring is the member services coordinator for Agri-Missouri, and says it's the details that need to be taken into account. Your basic farm policy probably isn't going to cut it. Even an umbrella policy may not be enough.

"We encourage everybody here at the Department of Agriculture to investigate and get a separate liability policy for your agritourism venture because it's a totally different element than your farm insurance policy that you have," Gehring says. "Liability issues -- you're going to have to worry about falling down, spraining ankles, possibly breaking bones, you never know what can happen."

It's your responsibility to make sure you're well protected.


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