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Buying an acreage: Covenants and zoning

Check out the rules before you make plans

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Buying an acreage: Covenants and zoning

Although many people believe that owning rural property frees them from rules and regulations, this isn't always accurate. For example, some homes that appear to be in rural areas are actually still within city limits. In this case, there are covenants which describe what you can and can't do with your property. Since these rules can include provisions such as forbidding burning or not allowing livestock, you'll want to take the time to research any acreage you want to purchase. If you're buying land from a developer, the company may have rules that you must follow in addition to any applicable local zoning laws.

Radio Interview Source: Vicki Olson, realtor, Iowa Realty

To learn more about how covenants and zoning laws can affect your acreage, we suggest the following links for additional information:

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A Place in the Country: An acreage owner's survival guide, including a list of your responsibilities and tips for being a good neighbor.

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