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Choosing a turf renovator

The chore of re-seeding a large yard or pasture will go a lot faster with a turf renovator. This tractor attachment saves time by aerating and planting seed.
Re-seeding a lawn may not be your favorite chore to do because of the work involved. Instead of slaving over the lawn, try using a turf renovater to make things go quicker. 
Cory Sarver is an engineering manager with Woods Equipment Company. He says turf renovators are three-point mounted attachments for tractors with 30-to-65-horsepower. It's used to over-seed established turf or renovate turf that's in bad shape. Sarver says it's like having an aerator and seeding machine in one tool.
"It has spiked rollers to aerate the soil," he says. "It uses 3-inch long spikes that will penetrate even the hardest soil, they're case-hardened, high-strength steel spikes. It has a three-roller design. The front two rollers are adjustable so you can adjust the aggressiveness of how the spikes attack the ground."
Choose a turf renovator with a heavy-duty frame that allows you to add extra weight for penetration in harder soils if the machine itself isn't heavy enough.  
For planting, a front roller tears a crack in the ground, and the seed box deposits the seed at the rate you select. You can mix fertilizer in as well, so you're able to put down seed and fertilizer at the same time. A rear spring-loaded roller then levels and firms the seed bed.
"When it rains or when water is applied, it'll wash the seed into the cracks and the depressions of the seed bed, where they're allowed to be sheltered from the elements, but they're captured in moisture, and it helps speed the germination process," says Sarver.
Turf renovators generally have a working width of 48-to-72-inches, and are priced at $4,300-to-$5,700.

Radio interview source: Cory Sarver, Engineering Manager, Woods Equipment Company

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