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Installing a dry hydrant

A dry hydrant can help provide the protection you need in the event of a fire

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One of the drawbacks of living in the country is that you leave behind the luxury of city services. In areas lacking water mains or domestic fire hydrants, dry hydrants can provide a cost-effective solution to the need for rapid access to water sources. They create an impoundment of water that the fire department can use to fight structural fires on your property, just like a city's pressurized system. Once installed, dry hydrants allow years of simple operation with a minimum of maintenance.

Radio Interview Source: Robert White, Forestry Technician, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

For additional information, we suggest visiting the following resources:

What is a Dry Hydrant?: Factors to consider when installing a dry hydrant.

A Guide to Planning and Installing Dry Fire Hydrants: Step-by-step instructions for installing a dry hydrant on your property.

The Dry Hydrant Concept: A guide to understanding the benefits of dry hydrants.

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